Thursday, June 10, 2010

monday and wednesday runs

So after this weekend, I have new ambition for running. Like I have said before, my newest goal is to run the Portland Marathon in October.

So monday I went to Banks, OR to run along the Banks-Vernonia Trail. It is part of the rails to trails network. I ran a 5 miler along a flat semi-shaded paved trail. All and all, I would go back there again for running or biking.

Now today is Wendesday and I just ran around the trail new my apartment. In the beginning of the run there is a cedar bridge that we cross over... I love the smell of cedar especially after the rain. I am still looking for beavers in the waters. So today was a 4 mile run with the dog.

Overall, things are going well with the training. Be back soon.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

So spring is here and race season has started. My first race of the season was the Starlight Run - 5K - in Portland, OR. It is part of the Rose Festival in Portland. The race was fun, there was a costume contest before the race, which means there were tons of unique ideas. Some of the costumes included 80s rock stars, The Men of Fast Food (Ronald McDonald, Col. Sanders, Wendy's, Little Ceasar), Tons of Mario Brothers characters, an outhouse, batman, superman, princesses, and many others. The race took place along the route of the Starlight parade which meant that the streets where lines with spectators cheering you on. Thank you to all those people that encourage you along the way.

No fun recipes at this time. :(