Sunday, May 27, 2012

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

So my biggest struggle right now is the weight loss. I gained about 45 lbs with my pregnancy. I ran and worked out throughout the  majority of my pregnancy. I even ran a marathon. However I also indulged in dessert almost every night. I didn't eat whole pints of ice cream just small cups. But apparently it was too much and it has now stayed on my body.

So initially I expected breastfeeding to help take most of the weight off. I lost about 20 lbs within the first 7-10 days. This was promising. I continued to eat normally and the occasional dessert. I wasn't exercising yet because things weren't healed "down there'. I  did start walking SLOWLY up and down the road, not even a full mile.

Well not it is 11 weeks later and I have only lost another 3 pounds. I have started running a little but my pelvic floor muscles are what they used to be. Enough said. I have also started my P90x routine again. I feel as though things are firming up but still not losing the weight. Since I go back to work soon I gave in and bought a few new pairs of pants. I didn't want to go back to work in maternity clothes.

Well, we ran 4 miles today, 460 calories according the the Garmin. I will keep you all updated.


Big News!

So a lot has changed since the last time I have posted.

1st - I had a beautiful baby girl. Faelyn Camille.

photo courtesy of Sarah from Snaps of Real Life

photo at 6 days old courtesy of Sarah from Snaps of Real Life
This picture below is of her today at 11 weeks old. I can't believe she is already 11 weeks old. It feels like just yesterday that I was going to the hospital but in other aspects it feels like she has been around forever. The sad thing about her being 11 weeks old means I have to go back to work soon. I go back for 1/2 day on wednesday and full days thursday and friday. I sure am going to miss hanging out with this little one all day.

2nd - The house!
It is coming along. The builders started April 2nd with the first delivery of logs and this is where they are now. The logs are all up and the porch roof is getting working on. The crane comes on Tuesday after the holiday to put the purlins up and then the house roof goes on!!

Faelyn and I ran our first race since she was born. She was 10 weeks old and the youngest one there. We ran a 5K in 30:12. Not too bad if I say so myself. We had #1. Apparently it was alphabetical.
 She was nice and cozy in the Mountain Buggy Terrain with this red carrycot/bassinet. I must say it is a wonderful stroller and so easy to push. It did take a little getting used to running with a stroller though. I was tempted to lean on the handle bar which is weird because I don't even do that when on the treadmill.
 4th and Lastly -
My little sister graduated college. She is a graphic design major with a specialty in social media so if anyone is hiring please let me know I will pass the word on.

It was pretty hot so we hung out in the shade and grass. Little F got to lounge on Daddy.

Well, she is screaming her little head off as we speak. She is probably hungry. She is always hungry.