Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Seattle Marathon

So the goal is set. I have officially signed up for the Seattle Marathon at the end of November. I have done some serious slacking in regards to my running in general. In the mean time, my fiance and I have gotten a new Puppy. His name is Calvin, he is now 4 months old. We have finally got him potty trained for the most part. I have been extremely busy the last couple of months making sure he is played with, fed 3x/day, and has plenty of potty breaks.

Today was the first day of the training, started off with a 3 mile run. The older of the 2 dogs, Forest (2 1/2 yo.) was dragging as well. I ended up pulling him up some of the hills. Well, it should get better.

Watch for new updates! Can't wait to get started.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

monday and wednesday runs

So after this weekend, I have new ambition for running. Like I have said before, my newest goal is to run the Portland Marathon in October.

So monday I went to Banks, OR to run along the Banks-Vernonia Trail. It is part of the rails to trails network. I ran a 5 miler along a flat semi-shaded paved trail. All and all, I would go back there again for running or biking.

Now today is Wendesday and I just ran around the trail new my apartment. In the beginning of the run there is a cedar bridge that we cross over... I love the smell of cedar especially after the rain. I am still looking for beavers in the waters. So today was a 4 mile run with the dog.

Overall, things are going well with the training. Be back soon.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

So spring is here and race season has started. My first race of the season was the Starlight Run - 5K - in Portland, OR. It is part of the Rose Festival in Portland. The race was fun, there was a costume contest before the race, which means there were tons of unique ideas. Some of the costumes included 80s rock stars, The Men of Fast Food (Ronald McDonald, Col. Sanders, Wendy's, Little Ceasar), Tons of Mario Brothers characters, an outhouse, batman, superman, princesses, and many others. The race took place along the route of the Starlight parade which meant that the streets where lines with spectators cheering you on. Thank you to all those people that encourage you along the way.

No fun recipes at this time. :(

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fresh Cherry Pie!!

So - my fiance is a helicopter pilot and his last contract was drying the cherry trees so that the cherries wouldn't split and be ruined. After his last contract the owners of the farm gave him a huge box of cherries. We realized that it was too many for us to eat especially since he doesn't really like cherries so he wouldn't be eatting them. We decided to make cherry pie. such a good idea... I used the recipe from the Better Homes ad Garden Cookbook.

It turned out so good that we made 2 extra pies for his boss and the mechanic at the shop.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

easy recovey

So today is a day after my first big long run and overall my legs felt great. So I decided to do a nice and easy 3 mile run with our standard schnauzer, Forest. I don't think that Forest was really up for the run. He doesn't do the greatest in the morning.

Not much else new today... still eatting leftover pasta and the cookies, which are delicious!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Starting training for a marathon

So today I decided to get serious and start training for a marathon. I am not sure which one yet. I just figured I would get my miles up. So today I did an 8 mile run. It is interesting running in a new area where you only know some of the roads. Well, I started off with the usual 3 mile loop but veered off the path to the main road to try and extend it more. While I was running I was thinking, "if I could do 6 I would be happy with that but 8 or 10 would be great." At 6 miles I felt pretty good and decided to double back towards Nike and add the extra 2 miles to make it 8. I am glad that I stopped at that. I didn't eat enough and no GU with me, so I started to get lightheaded. Everything is ok... because here I am writing this. Just needed to stop and drink more.

No special dinner tonight... still eatting leftovers from friday.

Happy Birthday Eliza Jane...who is 2 today!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Getting started....

So today is my first post of my very first blog. It all started yesterday with starting training for either a half or full marathon, I haven't decided on which yet. I had wanted to run Seattle Marathon but missed out on the registration.

So yesterday started off with a 3 mile run with my dog. That is about the most he can handle before he tires out too quickly.

And for dinner I made a new recipe from Rachel Ray; Fetticcuni with Sweet Corn and Fresh Dill.


The dish was simple to make and very flavorful, but honestly not my favorite. I don't know if I had over-cooked the sauce. I also would have added other vegetables just so that it wasn't so starchy.

And for dessert I had made pumpkin blossom cookies that I had modified and put white chocolate chips instead of a hershey kiss on top. They are a savory cookie not too sweet so the chocolate chips are a nice additive.