Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Seattle Marathon

So the goal is set. I have officially signed up for the Seattle Marathon at the end of November. I have done some serious slacking in regards to my running in general. In the mean time, my fiance and I have gotten a new Puppy. His name is Calvin, he is now 4 months old. We have finally got him potty trained for the most part. I have been extremely busy the last couple of months making sure he is played with, fed 3x/day, and has plenty of potty breaks.

Today was the first day of the training, started off with a 3 mile run. The older of the 2 dogs, Forest (2 1/2 yo.) was dragging as well. I ended up pulling him up some of the hills. Well, it should get better.

Watch for new updates! Can't wait to get started.