Friday, April 30, 2010

Getting started....

So today is my first post of my very first blog. It all started yesterday with starting training for either a half or full marathon, I haven't decided on which yet. I had wanted to run Seattle Marathon but missed out on the registration.

So yesterday started off with a 3 mile run with my dog. That is about the most he can handle before he tires out too quickly.

And for dinner I made a new recipe from Rachel Ray; Fetticcuni with Sweet Corn and Fresh Dill.

The dish was simple to make and very flavorful, but honestly not my favorite. I don't know if I had over-cooked the sauce. I also would have added other vegetables just so that it wasn't so starchy.

And for dessert I had made pumpkin blossom cookies that I had modified and put white chocolate chips instead of a hershey kiss on top. They are a savory cookie not too sweet so the chocolate chips are a nice additive.