Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday Craziness

So, I hope that your monday had went well yesterday. I had planned on doing an easy 3 miles yesterday however that did not happen. I did a 1.5 mile walk during work, but my legs were still feeling it I decided to take it easy and let them rest and do LOTS of stretching. Thats cross training right?

(this is not me - unknown source)
Man I hate mornings sometimes. I slept in a little bit and threw my whole schedule off. I had to clean dried poop off of Walter (#2), make breakfast (cereal) for the 2 oldest and make sure they eat it, feed and change the baby, shower, get dressed, make my lunch, put the kids lunches together, and get everyone in the car by 7:30. I had planned on making dinner in the morning so it would be cooking as I got home tonight but that just didn't happen. So dinner will be a little later than planned. Good thing is that at least I know what I have planned for dinner.

So, off to work I go...

Todays workout is a planned 3 mile run. Most likely on the treadmill after the kids are in bed.

Happy Running!