Monday, July 11, 2011

CSA goodies...turnips and garlic scrapes

Hello everyone,
Once again life seems to move very fast and time just gets away from you. As I mentioned before wednesdays are the day I pick up produce from the CSA in Concord. This weeks bunch included; lettuce, kale, radishes, turnips, garlic scrapes, tomatoes, and kohlrabi. I had to look up kohlrabi and garlic scrapes.

 Kohlrabi is a German turnip and according to it has a similar taste to broccoli stems, it can be eaten cooked or raw. You can even eat the greens. I can't wait to see what fun receipes I can come up with. Unfortunately I only recieved on of these babies.

Onto dinner...
I started off with roasting white turnips; peeled, washed, and quartered.
 Coat with olive oil, salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar.
 Place on baking sheets in oven @ 450 degrees for about 30 minutes.

The garlic scrapes... similar to chives...nice garlic taste. They are the curling tops of the garlic plant.
 I decided to add these to some mashed potatoes...

 And the main course.... Venison steaks... (there were 3 of these and the dogs got to them while I was putting clothes away upstairs :(  not a happy camper)

Seasoned with Salt, Pepper, and Grill Mates Seasoning
 The final product!!
 A word about steak seasonings...
Typically for the venison we don't need much just a little S&P, maybe garlic powder. We had bought these in Oregon to try something new. Wally is NOT a fan of the Mesquite seasoning. I can't tell much of a difference and will pretty much eat anything. Sometimes I try to sneak it on when he doesn't see me cooking and he can still tell!! Oh well, I hate to waste it and throw it out.

Workout: None today. 6 miles on Sunday.
The heat has been killing me. I guess I should get used to it, probably won't get much better for a little while. I also heard that Chicago can sometimes be a HOT one.

P.S. - Wally and I ended up really liking the turnips. It is something I probably wouldn't have bought on my own.