Tuesday, December 31, 2013

welcome 2014

Well, it is new year's eve 2013 and I am sitting on the couch and thinking about my goals for the year to come. But first I want to acknowledge how great my year was. I have another beautiful baby who is healthy and happy. I ran 2 half marathons and pr'ed one. I am sure there is more but I am drawing a blank right now.

 As for 2014 there are a couple areas in my life that I want to include.

- run Hood to coast in August (already planned).
- run a sub 30 min 5k
- run at least 1 half marathon this year. I would love to run another marathon but I just don't think I have the time to commit to proper training.

- read the bible every day. At least 1 verse.

- do swim lessons with F and W
- continue with music class at least 1x/ month hopefully close to weekly
- go hiking 1x/month
- go camping with the whole family

- try to have a positive attitude especially at work.
- learn to use my camera properly and take lots of pictures
- get back into pre-baby shape
- finish p90x then maybe start again ;)

I will add to it as the year goes on. I pretty much just want to be a better person, a good mom, and great friend.  I hope everyone is staying safe tonight. See you in 2014.