Monday, January 19, 2015

What a great Monday!

Well that might be a little bit of an exaggeration. I survived the drive home from CT to NH in the rain/freezing rain yesterday with a little praying to keep me safe as I watched other cars spin around in front of me or see them on the side of the road getting loaded onto a flat-bed. There was one car that spun around and stopped in the lane that I was traveling in. Thankfully I was driving slowly and there were not many cars around so I was able to come almost to a complete stop and go around him. Luckily he had not hit anything and was able to keep driving. There were many parts of the road that were closed down throughout the day due to accidents. I truly believed that God was looking after me and my children as we made our way home on those roads yesterday. So there was no surprise when my driveway was glare ice when I got home. I immediately called Wally, who is out of town, to call the guys that sand to see if they could come today. I was happy to see them coming up the driveway at 7:45. Typically I am leaving the house at 7:30, I am glad that I was running late today.

Work was non-eventful. Which is good. Busy, which makes the day go by faster. Came home. 5:30 made dinner. Played a little with the kids. Tubby at 7 pm. Story time and in bed by 7:45. Whew...

8:00 pm - My pastor's wife, Hayley, had planned to come over to start my Daily in the Word Discipleship program. I am super excited to dig a little deeper into the Bible and get a little more understanding of it. The program is designed to meet one on one for about 1 hour and go through planned lessons. Well, she was here for easily 2 hours and we only got through one section of the first lesson; there are two sections. My husband has previously gone through this program and had a similar experience. It took a long time.

10:30 - I made myself another cup of coffee; half decaf half regular, and started listening to my assignments for my Young Living Essential Oils bootcamp. Not anything really new, but some good information. It was mostly about the Essential rewards program and the benefits of participating to get points to redeem for YL products, flat rate shipping, and other rewards.

Now it is bedtime, going to make sure the wood stove is full to keep up warm through the night and do it all over again tomorrow.