Saturday, January 31, 2015

Super Saturday

Well I hope you all had a great Saturday. We had planned to go to a birthday party for one of Faelyn's friends, but since both kids are sick and coughing we decided it was best to not go. The morning consisted of folding 4 loads of laundry that has been sitting in our bedroom.
 I did have to go to the grocery store, which was the worst idea on Saturday especially before the Super Bowl.

During the kids nap is when I took some time to run. I went down stairs and ran on the treadmill for 60 minutes. When looking back at the past couple weeks I have realized that I have only run about 10 miles the last few weeks. Basically, I did a short warm up, then 4 minute interval moderate then 4 minutes moderate-heavy intensity.

Dinner was delicious - Portland Pie Co. Gluten free crust with pepperoni and cheese. I have found that it is easier to roll out the gluten free crust if it is room temperature. And follow the directions, this crust you pre-bake with a light coating of olive oil.

 We have really come to like portland pie co pizza dough. It is a nice, quick, easy meal and it is fairly local. Portland Pie Co. started in Maine and has a couple of restaurants in NH and Mass.

How cute is this little dude? He loves his underwear; over or under his pants. We haven't really tried potty training with him yet because we are still working on his older sister. She is getting closer, only a few accidents this past week.

Last week we got hit with a little snow storm, it was estimated 18-30 inches. I know... thats a big range, but that it what the news station was reporting. My kids love playing in the snow. What really amazed me was that Faelyn instinctively knew how to make a snow angel.

On the same snow day we did a little bit of baking. We made these Pretzel Rolls and Banana Muffins. I love making mini muffins. They are the perfect size for them to eat in the morning. The pretzel rolls were definitely a winner. I used this recipe and everything worked perfectly. If you are going to make this and plan to use them for sandwiches then I would make them bigger. These were the perfect size to serve with soup.

I hope you guys have had a great weekend. Tomorrow is the super bowl and we have buffalo chicken strips and nachos on the menu.

My goals for next week:
1) increase running to 20 miles.
2) write reference letter for a friend for grad school