Monday, February 16, 2015

Meal Plan Monday - Week of 2/16

Happy Monday! Hope you all are staying warm wherever you are. It was -6 degrees this morning. I must say I love having the wood stove as supplemental heat. Definitely helps keep the house nice and toasty warm.

So over the weekend I planned out the meals for the week to help ease some of the stress of deciding what is for dinner and what we need. This is our weekly menu board that I have in our kitchen so that everyone knows what is on the menu.

Saturday - Valentine's Day - we had cheese fondue with Swiss and Gruyere cheese.
 I used this recipe from Tyler Florence. It was OK. Very stringy which is to be expected with the Swiss cheese. We had carrots, peppers, broccoli, and tastefully simple beer bread for dippers.

Sunday - French Onion and Asparagus Pasta from 
This was delicious. Everyone loved it. Served it with the leftover bread from Saturday.

Monday - Lasagna

Tuesday - Tacos
This may be taco salad because one of the dogs ate the tortilla shells off the counter while I was down stairs on the treadmill. Thats probably better because we have a lot of pasta on the menu this week.

Wednesday - BBQ Chicken, probably with sweet potatoes and a vegetable of some sort.

Thursday - Mac and Cheese.

Friday - ?? Leftovers or Pizza

On Saturday, I had some free time so I pre made the lasagna and mac and cheese and froze them. I will also use the delay start on the oven to help with the meals. I set it to start so the meal finishes around the time that I plan to be home. To be safe I usually set it a little later so it doesn't over cook, but there is also a timer so it will stop cooking at the appropriate time. This feature is AMAZING. If your oven has it you should definitely use it.

Well, its going to be another cold week here in New Hampshire and we have lots of comfort food on the menu. What is on you menu for this week?