Monday, March 30, 2015

Sunday Recap

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? The weekends seem to go by so quickly lately.

Saturday we had some snow, and I honestly can't remember what we did or ate during the day.

Sunday, started off with Wally getting up with the kids, so I slept in a little bit. Wally and Faelyn made some eggs for breakfast, then they headed to church in the morning. I did not go in the morning because I had a race at 11:15. I was able to clean the house and do some more laundry while the house was quiet and the kids weren't making messes at the same time.

I headed to Manchester for the Shamrock Shuffle.

It was a quick 2 mile race. There was a TON of people there. They announced that it was the largest race in Millennium Running history. I finished in 18:05. Which I was very pleased. I am getting closer to the 9:00 min/mile mark and can't want to make it into the 8's. The training is starting to pay off, it is too bad that kids were sick this week. It should be a good summer with some of the races that I have planned if this keeps up.

After the race, I headed home. The kids were already down for their afternoon naps. I decided that morning I wanted BLT's for lunch. So with the extra bacon I made baked potato soup with this recipe.
The only minor change I made was instead of 6 c. of low fat milk, I used 2 c. half and half and 4 c. of 1% milk. I think there is something to having a little bit more fat with the creamy soups.

Started with cut bacon into strips and fried that. Leave the bacon drippings for the next step.
 Add flour to bacon drippings.
 Bake potatoes. I used red potatoes because that is what I had. I had already peeled and cut them before realizing the recipe said to bake them then soup out the insides.
 6 c. of milk

 Finished Product! Looks and Tastes Delicious.
Walter ate 2 bowls! He loved it. Faelyn ate hers with a little convincing.

Happy Cooking!