Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Meal Planning on a Tuesday

Sunday was a busy day therefore meal planning for the week was not done. I did however have dinner for monday night at least accounted for. Mondays are especially important to have done and/or planned because Wally picks the kids up from daycare and I have some me time.

Right now my "me" is going through a discipleship program with my pastor's wife. I am loving the program and the time that I get to spend with her. Even though most days I am exhausted from work. It is a good time to recharge my batteries. And it is just what I need.

So, Monday - Wally and the Kids had frozen tortilla and peas. It is quick and easy for him to make. Just boil some water.
Tuesday- Orange chicken, broccoli, and quinoa

Wednesday - Venison steaks, sweet potato, and a veggie (of course)

I didn't plan any further because I really have no idea what I want to make. The plan is to go grocery shopping on Wednesday, so I will go downstairs through the freezer and see what kind of meats we have and plan for Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Sunday - EASTER - we are having Ham, scalloped potatoes, 2 different veggies, salad, and rolls. The veggies and salad my mother and mother in law are bringing. My mother is also bringing a dessert; most likely carrot cake cupcakes.

I am in a cooking rut and really am lacking the motivation to try new things. I do enjoy pinterest for that reason, gives me a good visual or different dishes. They it is deciding whether it is kid friendly enough. Luckily my kids are pretty easy going and will eat a variety of dishes.

So what are your easter plans? My in-laws are coming up on Saturday. So we will be around doing some sort of activity I assume. My mother in law wants to plant seedlings with the kids. She asked if we were going to decorate eggs. I wasn't going to, but I know that she always does so I feel that I should do it. We don't eat a ton of hard-boiled eggs, but I guess I can make a point to eat them for that week. And I am sure that the kids will enjoy it.

Do you have any old standbys that you always fall back on?
Do you have any easter traditions? Do you decorate eggs?