Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Meal Planning - a day late...

I have been trying to doing the meal planning posts on Monday. It's a good way to start your week. I actually do my planning on Saturday or Sunday.

This week is a short week for us because the whole family is going to Harrisburg, PA for the Eastern Bison Association Conference.

Honey Mustard Chicken and steamed peas

Flouder (baked with some seasoning and probably some lemon), sweet potatoes and frozen veggies or salad

Either - BBQ chicken drumsticks or clean out the fridge.

We leave for Harrisburg in the morning. Dinner at the Conference. I am hoping to make it to this place this weekend!!

Our family uses a food service, which I have a food delivery every 5 months of frozen meats and veggies and some dried or canned goods. I love that some of my planning is done for me at this time. I am able to choose what I want. I can get foods that are pre-marinated as well, such as the Honey Mustard Chicken.