Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Barefoot running...almost

As some of you may know, for christmas I got these... vibram five finger running shoes.

Yesterday  I had a meeting with my boss, he asked if I would be interested in training for a half marathon using my five finger and writing about it for the company newletter. I immediately said yes, it would give me a good reason to really train in these babies. I think that I am a little too comfortable in my sneakers. So after work I slid my feet into these and leashed up the pups for a 2.6 mile run. It felt pretty good. The plan was to do 2 miles to ease into it, but I was feeling pretty good, then around 1.2 my calves started to feel it and I decided it was time to head back.

2.6 miles in 25:43 - not too bad, that includes stopping for the dogs to pee and poop.

Anyway, while catching up on some blogs I came across this, a The hungery runner girl shoe giveaway! She has a new pair of New Balance minimalist shoes which are super cute.

Well check it out!