Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend, baby showers, and birthdays...

Once again another busy weekend for this girl. It started off with a long drive to CT friday night. I got to my in-laws around 9:30 pm and enjoyed a nice bowl of penne with vodka sauce.

Saturday morning was filled with preparations for my cousin-in-laws baby shower for twin boys!! God bless her, she is going to need all the help she can get. The dogs were also able to get some swimming in before the guests arrived. At one point there were 5 dogs chasing frisbees and tennie balls around the patio and in the pool.

The baby shower was very nice. The sun came out and it turned out to be a beautiful day. We decorated onsies, enjoyed drinks and food, and the Mom-to-be opened presents. Her sister also made some awesome diaper cakes.

Sunday I spent the day with my family and childhood friend. We headed to Abbott's for a LOBSTER feast,

had german chocolate cake,

and went to bingo at the casino. We had such a great time and it was another beautiful day.

It was exactly what I wanted to do, just hang out and relax...