Thursday, June 2, 2011

Marathon Training

Marathon training has officially started... however, I have yet to lace up those sneakers :(

I am running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in October with the American Liver Foundation. I am lucky that my father's company matches 2:1 for donations, so I have met my minimum quota for fundraising and can focus mainly on training.

I missed the start of the week on monday with a 4 mile run (it was a holiday after all). Hopefully tonight a can squeeze something in. It sounds like Wally will be home so I should be able to sneak out for a little without the pups.

I honestly am so excited to get started on training because my pants are starting to feel a little tight.

Off to find a design for an easy chicken coup. It looks like one of my patients will be giving us 2 hens! Yay for eggs!!