Sunday, June 5, 2011

weekend fun!

Friday we started off at the property after work.
We found this turtle nested into some freshly cut hay.


 The dogs enjoyed a nice game of catch after a short walk through the woods with another escavator guy to get another quote. What kind of escavator doesn't clear land?? He recommended hiring loggers to come out and cut the large trees and he would do the rest. I guess we will see what the quote is.
After a picnic dinner we had another meeting the the house builders. We have some preliminary plans to look over and change as needed.

I hit up 2 farmers markets. The first one was Warner. It was TINY. I guess it is a small town and I shouldn't have expected much. But it was hardly anything.

I left Warner and headed to Concord. This again was a little disappointing. It was larger than the previous one however still not much. I guess I was spoiled living in Portland, OR with very LARGE farmers markets. Although small the selection was still pretty decent.

 Homemade jams and jellies. Fresh honey and maple syrup.
 Locally made breads and other baked goods. Fresh coffee beans and ground coffee.
I ended up with some rainbow chard, lettuce, local honey, and a free sample of homemade soap. 


The dogs and I went for a 5 mile run, it was supposed to be longer according to my marathon training, 7 miles to be exact. However my Garmin died on me and I didn't know how long the loop was. Obviously not long enough. It was also pretty hot because I left later than expected because I couldn't get my butt off the couch.

The plan was to have nachos for dinner but Wally didn't seem too thrilled with that so this is what got thrown together.

Steamed zucchini
 Pasta with meat sauce:
For the sauce I first sauteed 1 medium onion diced and 1 orange pepper diced in a little EVOO.
Browned the meat (venison in our case) with the onions and peppers and added sauce. I used jar sauce, 1/2 jar of marinara and 1/2 jar of vodka sauce.
Mixed with cooked rotini pasta and dinner is served.

 One of my favorite beers ever...

Coming soon:
Homemade dog treats