Saturday, June 25, 2011

The weather is finally cooperating... the rain is stopped (at least temporarily). So I decided it would be the perfect day to go Strawberry Picking. The place I went to doesn't pick on sunday and I decided to postpone my long run til tomorrow.

I did pretty well. They are sweet and juicy. I picked all of these beauties in about half and hour.

 I think it's adorable when you see little kids picking berries with their parents. It is even funnier when the parents are getting upset that the little ones are eating the berries out of the bucket that they just picked.

 And lunch....
 leftover pizza from The Common Man in Concord.
Cripsy thin crust with diced tomatoes and olives...yum...
And Mud pie for dessert (not pictured)

Workout: to be determined...

What do you do with all the berries you pick? Do you pick your own berries?
A: I do pick, usually I just freeze them, but this batch might turn into jam and/or ice cream!!

Have a great weekend!!