Monday, April 4, 2011

Party Time!!

Quick update today...
My meals today were pretty boring, cereal and coffee for breakfast, leftover lasagna roll ups for lunch, and ravoli with sauce and green  beans for dinner.

But this weekend on the other hand was a little bit more exciting. First, I left my sick husband with our two dogs and drove through Vermont to Party-town, NY, just kidding, we were in Cohoes then Troy.

It was snowing on my drive over the mountains. You can't see the snow all that well.
 Lauren, the bride to be opening presents. It was small shower but she has already receieved a TON of stuff.

 I have known these girls for 10 years. I can't believe that. We all met our freshman year of college. All different majors and all completely different personalities. I think that is what makes it work.
 Bachelorette Party BEGINS... pitchers of Sangria, Tacos, and Jello shots
 Homemade guacamole... 4 avocados, tomatoes, garlic, red onion, jalapenos, salt and pepper to taste.
 Hanging out, having a good time...

 "Lauren Jenga" - So the story behind this - someone made up a game drinking jenga, each tile you took had something that you needed to do; drink 1, drink 2 ..., give 1, give 2, social, waterfall... So Zerlina (the creative one) decided to make Lauren her own version.
 Some of the tiles...
 Z- was also in charge of the Sangria which was DELICIOUS
 More party fun

 Naughty bingo with some sweet prizes...
 Now, out to the bar. Browns Taproom, I do miss their Cherry Raspberry Ale.
 One my way back home to NH. I saw some crazy stuff like a giant bed and chair...

 I also made this pit stop. This is nostalgic for me. As a kid driving to NY for CT we would always stop here and get lemon or rootbeer candy. So naturally I made the stop, enjoyed the view, but resisted temptation of going inside for candy.
 Later I found this covered bridge. For some reason they fascinate me.

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures. Tonights workout was P90X Plyometrics. We are on week 2, I am pretty motivated to keep on going, but I need to get outside and start running more as well.

Until next time...