Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Best Sister in the World

We will begin with last night. I think I should have won "Best Sister in the World" award.

My little sister,

Ashley, came up to Northern NH to go skiing for spring break. As some people know we got some spring snow. She was driving back from getting groceries and she slid off the road into the trees. She was pretty shoken up and needed someone to pick her up. She called her friend in Plymouth (way closer than I live) but no answer. She called me and naturally I said I would come get her. I packed the pups in the car and off we went. I got there about 2 hours later and met the tow truck driver at the gas station. I then asked her if she wanted to come home with me or just back to the condo. "The condo" she says, she has stuff to get done for school anyway. I then drove further into the snow to bring her back to the condo and drop her off. At that time it was about 8:30 and I still haven't eatten dinner, thankfully she made me a PB & J and back on the road I went to come home. What a long trip... 4 hours in the car, for the most part the dogs behaved pretty well. There was only a few times Calving tried to climb on my lap and lie there. The good thing is that everyone was safe and cars are only things. It actually didn't look too bad, it should be fixable.

The dogs love playing in the snow.