Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekday dinner catch up

Good morning. Wally came home last night and it is so good to have him home again. The dogs and I sure did miss him.

First off - catch up from this weeks dinners.

Tuesday - left over buffalo chicken burger from Ruby Tuesdays with cheese fries and pasta salad!

 Wednesday: Baked sweet potato (microwave for about 5 minutes, turn over half way) with salsa and pepper jack cheese.
 Friday - Since we are in the Lenten season - no meat! - I made my self a yummy grilled cheese sandwich with HeluvaGood Sharp Cheddar.
Saturday - I made my self another baked sweet potato in the microwave - this time I topped it with some left over chili and a few slices of the sharp cheddar cheese. (yummmm)

 For breakfast on saturday we have had these Pillsbury cinnamon rolls sitting in the fridge. It was about time they were eatten. I decided to make them in the toaster oven for two reasons; it takes less time to heat up and less electricity to cook = save $$

Friday was just one of those really "not so good" day for me. So it inspired me to get started on the  P90x. I am not officially starting it until TODAY but my friend has been doing parts of it. She said "do the ab ripper" you will feel much better. Oh man was that a tough 15-20 minutes. I can't wait to get started.

Saturday was a nice calm day. I got to hang out with my friend Lindsey and her husband, Ryan. We headed to Boston for an RPI alum event to watch the RPI hockey team :(

RPI v. Univ. North Dakota 0-6

Poor guys. We left after the 2nd period, they were already down 0 - 5 at that point. Since we were in boston we decided to go shoe shopping. Lindsey and I both had things we were looking for so off we went. We didn't find anything. Oh well. another day...

The end of the weekend is here. I think today will be the perfect day to start p90x; no excuses on monday. We will also be off to another home show in concord.