Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Throw together dinner

My meals when Wally is gone are never as good as when I am cooking for 2. We had a few chicken sausages sitting the the fridge needing to be cooked, so I decided to throw something together.

 I used rice-a- roni - chicken flavor, a red pepper chopped up, and sliced 2 pieces of sausage. I prepared the rice as the box recommends and added the red pepper and sausage when the rice was simmering covered.

 I added some Franks Hot Sauce and Lizano sauce that we brought back from Costa Rica with us. The sauces gave it that added touch to not taste like a boxed dinner.

For dessert, Mint Oreo ice cream and 2 oreos. I was craving more chocolate!!

More unpacking to do; while I was waiting for the rice to simmer I had 15 minutes to clean/unpack. I was able to get 3 more boxes unpacked/put away. I know that this may not seem like a lot. But little by little it is getting all into place. I have found that since I started working it is hard to find time to clean, unpack, make dinner, workout, feed and walk the dogs,... (life)
Unconditional Love

Wally had left for Texas for flight training on a Bell 206. Wally being going means a few things;
- I get to have ALL of the covers in bed
- I get to watch girly movies and as much grey's anatomy as I want
- more unpacking without distraction
- get some cleaning down without feeling like I am not spending time with him

What are things that you can do while your spouse/significant other are away?
playing in the snow this morning...

Movie tonight: "Letters to Juliet"