Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend Update

SO this weekend was another jam packed on. Saturday we packed up the cars and headed to Augusta, ME for the Log Home show. This home show wasn't quite as big as the last one we had attended however this one was geared specifically towards log homes. I must say, that I am losing my faith in some people. I know that we look young. But, the vendors/sales people for the Log Homes didn't really want to talk with us. We would flip through some of their books and ask questions when we wanted to. Some would come over and talk. But for the most part we were passed over for the middle-aged couples.

We did find one vendor for log home kits that we really liked and we are going to start pricing homes with 3 different companies and see what we can get for the best price. Hopefully this weekend we will be able to start looking at some land!!

After a few hours at the home show my stomach was rumbling. We found a Margarita's near by and ate there and of course had a few margarita's (on the rocks - no salt!).

Sunday was another busy day. We went and had breakfast at a small diner in town. It was quite amusing to hear the people at the table behind us were speaking in French. There is a heavy French Canadian influence in Maine, especially the more north you get. After breakfast we were headed off to L.L. Bean. I always enjoy that store. It reminds of when we were kids. Wally and I both got new slippers, Wally got some fly fishing stuff, some shirts, and the dogs got a new backpack and blaze orange collar. Then we headed to Patagonia, I was in serious need of a puffy coat, and found a dress!

Next, we headed south to Portland. The plan was to meet up with friends for lunch, but that didn't happen. We did make it to the mall where We bought an ice cream maker attachment  for the kitchenaid. I can't wait to use it tonight, the bowl has been chilling. Mint Cookies n' Cream tonight. After all of our shopping was complete we headed to Ruby Tuesday's for Lunch, Turkey mini's and salad bar! Yum.

Our last stop on our way home was a puzzle shop. The only sell puzzles, it was so much fun. We bought one and I can't wait to get it started.

Last night, I met up with some friends for a Thirty One purse party at Uno's. We had Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat, which I haven't had in a long time, but was yummy.
My puppies!! Calvin (on left) is 11 months old. Forest (on right) is 3 years old.
They are both Standard Schnauzers, full of energy and very smart.

Wally and the pups.