Friday, March 25, 2011

slow day

Today is just one of those really slow days at work. I have lots of extra time for thinking and planning. One of the things I have been feeling guilty about lately is not giving anything up for Lent. I was raised catholic and almost always gave something up. This year was different; I couldn't think of anything that I would want to give up and didn't want to give up sweets like last year. After talking with my mom, she asked if I gave anything up and I had to admit that I didn't. I guess the guilt has gotten to me and have decided to give up sweets. After all this isn't something that should be easy and not having sweets won't kill me. I am also going to try and exercise more.

On another note; my TO DO list this year:
- Buy land to build our house on which gives me the opportunity to start planning the inside of the house. This I am pretty excited about since the wedding planning is over it will give me something to keep busy.
- Run my 3rd Marathon - in Bank of America Marathon in Chicago. My plan is to run this marathon for charity. The American Liver Foundationg to be specific. It is a good cause that I think needs more pubilicity. It is a disease that affects many people and just those with a history of drug and/or alcohol abuse in their past. - Every $ helps - please donate at my page . katiearcher
- Be a better blogger - my real goal here is to find my "blogging voice" and to be more consistent with blogging. I am also hoping this encourages me to be more creative with receipes and desserts. I also hope to get a better camera for better looking pictures. I have never really been a great photographer, but I am working on the part too. My little sister is the artist of the family and gives me points. Maybe I will even take a class!!
- Grow my own veggies or join a CSA - a few years ago I tried to plant a small garden. It did not go very well. The garden didn't get enough sun and that was pretty much the biggest mistake. Growing up my mom always had a garden and we always helped to make sure it was watered and weeded. I also like the idea of having fresh veggies and cuts on some of the costs. That would also be the benefit of the CSA. I was researching one of the CSA's around here and people wrote that they loved that they tried new veggies they normally would not have gone for and loving it. The downfall to the CSA is the cost is upfront :(
- Be a better friend - after college it seemed as though our whole group of friends stayed in the general area for a short time. Over time many of us are now married and a few have new babies. It is sad to say that we don't keep in touch as often as we did. We were recently all together for my wedding, and will be together again soon for Lauren's wedding. It reminds me how much I miss this group of girls and want to make sure we stay in contact. My goals this year is to make more effort to writing emails, sending letters/cards, and making calls. These girls were my best friends for 5+ years in college and want it to stay that way.