Thursday, March 17, 2011

Paula Deen's Goulash

Yesterday was a crazy busy day at work. I wanted an easy dinner to make and Goulash was already on the menu... thank goodness!!

I used a recipe from Paula Deen called Bobby's Goulash. The only substitutions I made was using 2 lbs of venison (that's what we have) unstead of the 2 lbs of beef and 1 lb of turkey. I felt that 3 lbs of meat for this meal was a little over kill. The 2 lbs was plenty. I followed the directions almost to a "T" and it was perfect. I almost threw more pasta in there. It didn't seem like 2 cups would be enough but it was. On the side, I make quick garlic bread. I used potato rolls, smoothered them in butter, parm cheese, and garlic powder; broiled them until lightly browned on top nad they were done.

The only down fall to the meal was that it took just over an hour to make :( But it was worth it and we have TONS of leftovers.

On a side note, to make the goulash I used a cast aluminon dutch oven. It is used just like cast iron but much LIGHTER. I was pleasantly surprised. Mine is from ALL-CLAD and was the added gift when purchasing our stainless pots and pans from Williams Sonoma.

St. Pattys Day Dinner - Corned Beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots in the crockpot and Mint Oreo ice cream. Can't wait!