Thursday, March 10, 2011

Catch up...

Well we have had a busy few days... this past Saturday was Wally and I's 1 month anniversary. We went snowmobiling in the morning which is a pretty good quad workout when you are standing up. We then meet up with Lindsey and Ryan for Dinner at KC's BBQ, which was delicious. We especially loved the dessert which was a root beer float and maple bacon ice cream.

Then to a home show in Manchester on Sunday where we learned all about solar power, geothermal energy, electric fences, builders, and other house related stuff. It was pretty fun and exciting thinking about all the plans for our new home. We also got a sample of Stonyfield's greek yogurt. yum...  Later we had some nachos with extra jalapenos for a mid-afternoon snack.

All this and... the Thank you notes are completed and sent out!! My goals was to have them done in a month and it was pretty close. In the mean time I have also signed up for the Liver Life Challenge for the Chicago Marathon. If any of you can please help to support me and the cause that would be greatly appreciated.

So it has been a busy week and another busy weekend. This weekend we are off the Augusta, ME for a Log Home Show. This one I am particularily excited about and for more planning.