Monday, March 28, 2011

p90x and pasta

Sunday was ANOTHER home show. I don't think that  I want to go to another one until we are closer to actually building our home. After we got home both of the dogs got a haircut! They look so much better without all of the shag (no pictures tho, hopefully later today).

When they we out playing I made dinner.

Pasta with chicken, zucchini, and a cream sauce

I got the receipe from Philly cream cheese and had a coupon for the cream cheese!!

2 c. pasta - we like penne
10 oz container Philly Cheese Spread - Italian herb flavor
1 small zuchinni chopped
1/2 c. chopped tomato
1 lb chicken breast cubed; bite sized pieces

Boil water and cook pasta according to directions.
Cook chicken and zucchini 6-7 minutes until chicken is cooked.

Add tomatoes and cream cheese sauce. I added another 1/2 c of tomatoes for more color and had more zuchinni on the side.

It was a pretty delicious and easy meal.

After dinner was our first night of p90X. We are both pretty excited about getting started with this. The first work out was chest and back. It has you do a TON of push ups. It is definitely pretty extreme. Since we just went grocery shopping I think we will start the Nutrition portion next week ;) We tend to eat fairly healthy anyway but it will cut most carbs out at least for th first month.

Until later...